1. Should I charge the Smart Marea before using it for the first time?

    It is highly recommended to make a full charge before starting to use it.


  2. How should I charge my Marea Smart?

    Each model comes with a specific USB charger. Check your instructions Marea Smart for more information.


  3. I can't find the Smart Marea to link it with my mobile.

    - Activate Bluetooth on your mobile
    - Make sure your Smart Marea is not linked to another mobile.
    - If your Smart Marea has previously been linked to an iPhone, go to Settings on that iPhone and select "Skip device".
    - Check that you are using the correct Application for your Smart Marea.
    If none of these steps have helped you, make a RESET on your Smart Marea.


  4. I have connection problems between the Smart Marea and my mobile:

    - Check that it is connected through the Application and not directly through Bluetooth.
    - Activate all the permissions of the Application on your mobile.
    - If it is an Android model, check that the Application is active in the background
    - Make sure you have the latest version of the Application installed.
    - Check that the Firmware (system) of the Smart Marea is updated. You will find it in the Application of your mobile.


  5. I am not getting notifications on the Smart Marea.

    - Activate notifications in the application of your mobile.
    - The watch only receives the same notifications that you have activated in your notification bar on your mobile.
    - On Android, you have to have activated the overlap of applications on your mobile, so that the phone allows the Application to work in the background.


  6. It is not getting the measurements (heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.):

    Check that you have removed all the protective plastics from the sensors.


  7. Can you go outside to exercise without carrying your cell phone on top?

    Yes, once back, the data will be downloaded to the mobile as soon as the Smart is synchronized again with the mobile.


  8. Can you answer calls from the Smart Marea.

    No, you can only reject calls.


  9. Can you read Whatsapp?

    Yes, they can be read on all our Smart models.


  10.  Can WhatsApp be answered from the Smart Marea?

    No, you can only check the last messages received.